First Post

Welcome to my blog. As for my first post, I really want to get the word out about a really fascinating TV channel I've come across.

This channel frequently shows programs depicting life "behind the scenes" and often presents unique first person accounts about drugs, immigration, poverty, inner city police beats, swat teams, domestic abuse, etc. How far behind the scenes do they go? Well, to give you a picture, two of their journalists were imprisoned by North Korea.

The station I'm speaking of is CurrentTV
While some of you haven't heard of this little network, I'll fill you in with a history. CurrentTV is the brainchild of ex-presidential candidate Al Gore and business mogul John Hyatt. It's available on most major satellite/cable carries and is soon to be the new home for Keith Olbermann.

CurrentTV offers a plethora of shows in it's lineup, but the one that caught my eye from the start (and still does) is Vanguard. Vanguard is a no holds-barred documentary series that shines a light on some of the darkest topics the world has to offer. From beginning to end the journalists unearth incredible stories from otherwise unheard voices. You can check out whole episodes on their website.

I highly recommend checking it out for an evening or two. Here's the channel guide for the major networks (as per the CurrentTv website)

DIRECTV Channel 358 (Nationwide)

DISH Network Channel 196 (Nationwide)

Comcast Digital Channel 107 (Most cities)

Channel 125 (Dallas & Seattle)

Time Warner Digital Channel 103 (New York City)

Channel 142 (Los Angeles)

Select 'Time Warner' below
for other cities

AT&T U-Verse Channel 189 (Nationwide)


  1. such a bummer its not on cox yet, but my friend has Att uverse this channel is dope

  2. I have Direct TV and I love it!

  3. I think I have Cox, and I agree with The Governor. They suck lol

  4. my dad used to have direct TV long ago, but i guess his card kept gettin fried

    now he goes with bell xpress vu

  5. Direct TV is pretty decent, the only problem is that I lose signal a lot

  6. I will have to check this out! Not really a big fan of Al Gore (as goes An Inconvenient Truth anyway) but I like to keep an open mind and check out new things so I am all in.