Bait Car of our National Parks!


Today we go to America the beautiful to nab our next bait car culprit.
Mount Rainier National Park to be exact.
However, our perps today aren't stealing any actual vehicles. (Guess hippies don't drive fly rides)

article to follow.
     TACOMA (CN) - Mount Rainier National Park rangers used a bait car loaded with electronic goodies and camping gear to catch thieves who have been stealing valuables from trailheads, federal prosecutors said.
     Rangers parked the car at a popular trail parking lot and the next morning a ranger on stakeout saw a couple drive up, smash its window and steal the stuff, according to the federal complaint.
     "The couple left the parking lot, and the ranger radioed his colleagues about the break-in. The couple was pulled over a short distance away. Not only did they have all the materials stolen from the bait car, they also possessed
credit cards, drivers' licenses, and a cell phone linked to other car prowls at trailheads in Mount Rainier National Park and Snoqualmie National Forest," prosecutors said in announcing the bust.
     The United States accused Jamie Davis Spain and his girlfriend Dawn Marie Gale of theft, theft of government property and malicious mischief.
     A ranger said in the federal complaint that there have been about 15 vehicle
 break-ins at Mt. Rainier National Park this month alone, "spread throughout the park." That's why they set up the sting.
     Rangers found stolen credit cards and two drivers licenses in Spain's shoe, according to the complaint. "When asked about the vehicle break-in, Gale stated, 'I knew it was wrong.' When asked if Spain forced her to participate, Gale responded that Spain 'does not force her to do anything,'" according to the complaint.
     Mt. Rainier Chief Ranger Chuck Young said in a statement that the arrests "will not necessarily end the problem of car burglaries in the park." He urged park visitors not to leave valuables in their car


More Bait Car!


Alright you wanna be public defenders and general standersby! 

It's time for me to review some more Bait Car and to see what lovely criminals we have in store.

Bait car stolen, Sacramento police nab 10-year-old girl
After a monitored bait car was stolen around 11:30 a.m. Friday, a Sacramento police officer saw someone driving the vehicle near Tamoshanter Way and Matson Drive.
The officer observed the driver, a 10-year-old girl, try to run away.
"It was a bad judgment call on her end," said Sgt. Andrew Pettit, spokesman for the Sacramento Police Department.
The girl, who was not identified, was returned to her parents. ______________________________________________________________________________________
Now, I don't know about you guys....BUT
The first person that comes to my mind when I think of Bait Car perps....It's not a 10 YEAR OLD GIRL
I mean, shouldn't she be stealing at hot topic or pacsun or something like the normal girls her age?!?
Does she steal like this on the regular or was this a first time thing?
She was apprehended within 10 minutes....rookies....

When I was 10 I think my most scandalous piece of loot was a pokemon card.

Arcanine is really 350 lbs? Lay off the hot pockets there rover....

Speaking of Rovers... (great segue)

I want to see a Bait Car episode set in affluent suburbia. With a Range Rover, to see how many soccer moms it can lure in. THAT I would pay to watch.