Freeganism- For or against?

For my new post today I'd like to explore and hear some input on one of the more taboo lifestyles out there.

Could you live the anti-consumerist life? For freegans, finding sustenance doesn't involve swinging by the drive thru, dining at a restaurant, getting pizza delivered, or going to the grocery store....well, going to the grocery store *sort of*
As a freegan, you main means would be from foraging, sharing, and gardening. While these methods would save alot of this the only motivation for Freegans?
By foraging, think dumpster diving. Think of all the wasted food products day in and day out at your local grocer, some of it still perfectly good. As a freegan this would be your main grub hub.
Gardens are cool. If you're into veggies and it's a good time of year, go for it.
If you think the only reasons for such a taboo lifestyle are fiscal, you'd be wrong. It stems from much deeper motivations, such as environmentalism, anti consumerism, and non conformity.
I for could never subscribe to dumpster diving for my meals, however, I do think it's wasteful the ways that bakeries, restaurants, Starbucks,etc all dump their 'near expiration date goodies' the day before. If there's some people out there willing to take it off these bussiness' hands, more power to them.

I'd like to hear some thoughts!


  1. we throw a lot of food away at my job, though on occassion i give it to homeless people even though they could potentially sue us.

  2. I lived that way for years--foraginf--I used to teach it, and on road kill and dumpster diving. Now I have a big garden. But I do go to the grocery store. I'm an expert on wild edibles, BUT winter is hard and I am 64 1/2 years old. When you forage int he winter, it takes all day to eke out an existence.

  3. I used to go dumpster diving after the college kids graduated. Super rewarding.

  4. cool blog following and supporting!